Until You Fall’ Receives a VR Health Rating

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The Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise reviewed the health rating of Until You Fall, rating it Ellip­tical Equiv­a­lent”.


The Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise was founded in early 2017 to better under­stand the calorie impact of VR expe­ri­ences on the human body. Its goal is to provide concrete, objective data for the discus­sion of video games as a source of healthy physical activity.

The Ellip­tical Equiv­a­lent” badge is awarded to games that have a metabolic equiv­a­lent (MET) range of 4 – 6. A single MET is defined as the amount of oxygen a person consumes and energy is expended per unit of body weight. Until You Fall averaged 4.18 METs, meaning it’s as strenuous as exer­cising on an ellip­tical. The raters also observed that the game burns 4.39 to 5.06 calories per minute of play.

Calorie Expenditure Chart

The rater noted that the game required them to move both arms a great

deal to attack opponents with a sword, and to regularly duck and move

from side to side to avoid attacks.”