'Until You Fall' Honored as a "Best of 2019" Title

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As 2019 came to a close, several gaming websites and reviewers released their “Best of 2019” roundups. Until You Fall was featured on five different lists:

Road to VR celebrated their third annual Game of the Year Awards, honoring Until You Fall with the Excellence in User Interface Design Award. The Road to VR staff note that “the game succeeds by knowing what to avoid in the game as much as what to add to it.” The author stresses that the game’s menu design, weapon summoning, and haptic and audio feedback make the experience feel awesome and satisfying.

Interface design award 2019

Next up, TheGamer posted their best VR games of 2019. Author Eric Switzer writes that Until You Fall was his “personal favorite VR game this year, and a model for the type of VR I hope we see a lot more of in 2020” and that it “has a striking visual style, relying on bright neons, and dazzling particle effects to engross you in the world. In short, Until You Fall makes you feel like a badass.”

UploadVR also held a best of VR 2019 competition, complete with nominations and a livestream to announce the winners. Until You Fall was nominated under the Best Visuals and Most Active VR Game/Experience categories, and won Best Visuals.

VR Marvelites posted their top 15 best VR games that ruled 2019 and included a great summary of Until You Fall’s gameplay and why it makes the experience so great.

Uyf best of

Finally, Road to VR released a list of the 10 best VR games from 2019, separate from their Game of the Year Awards. They note that Until You Fall is “still in Early Access, so we haven’t given it a score in our EA review; if we had to, it would certainly be high up there.”

Congratulations to our team their hard work creating a visually striking and thoughtfully designed experience!