Rise, Rune Knight!

Fight, gather Aether, forge new weapons, and grow stronger.

Arm Yourself, Champion

Rokari weapons are more than they appear. Fight on and as you grow stronger, your Runesmith will provide you with weapons befitting a warrior.

The Unraveled

The Unraveled, born of the Calamity, are powerful, twisted creatures. Many of these are former Rokari warriors...but they aren’t the only things that roam the ruins of Rokar.

The Lands of Rokar

Once home to a prosperous and peaceful civilization, the lands of Rokar have been destroyed by the Aether that once powered it. Twisted spirits and monstrous creatures now thrive within these overgrown ruins - tread carefully, Rune Knight.

Unleash Your Power

Each weapon of Rokar is infused with a powerful ability called a Super. Through combat, these abilities charge up and become active. With two Weapons, you can select the two Supers that best enhance your style of combat.


Augment Your Fighting Style

At the end of each combat encounter, you will be presented with a variety of Augments to enhance your abilities. Gain health, deal more damage, upgrade your Super, or apply unique and interesting Traits to either Weapon. Mix and match these Augments to find powerful combinations and lay waste to the Unraveled.

Rokar needs you, Champion. Summon your blades and join the fray.