Patch Notes: 0.1.2

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Hello, Rune Knights!

Early Access has been off to a great start! PAX West was a blast, watching folks stream the game has been incred­ible, and it’s been great to get both your feedback and bug reports.

We’re hard at work on our next big update, but we wanted to get a patch out that addresses some of the more common (and egregious) issues we’ve been hearing/​seeing. High­lights include increased walking speed, some bug fixes with later tier Supers, and a rework of Empowered Strikes to be more compet­i­tive with the other Supers currently in the game.

Most notably, this update will allow unsup­ported headsets to play the game — if you have an Index, Windows Mixed Reality, or something we’ve never heard of, you will now be able to launch the game without any extra workaround. Note: we can’t guarantee how playable the game will be for your specific config­u­ra­tion, but the game will no longer stop you from trying. If you’re having trouble with your setup, please let us know and we’ll try to help you out.

We’re still working on more officical platform support with controller models, pointer offsets, and button remapping through SteamVR in 0.2, but we wanted to get folks in the game sooner rather than later. We’ll be posting a roadmap soon with details about what we’ll be working on during 2019, so keep your eyes peeled.

Keep swinging them swords, and let us know what you folks think on our Discord!

Release 0.1.2 Changes

Increased Walking (Non-Dash) Speed

  • Forward Speed 1.3 -> 1.8 (38% Increase)
  • Strafe Speed 1.04 -> 1.26 (21% Increase)
  • Backpedal Speed 0.78 -> 0.9 (15% Increase)

Super Update: Empowered Strikes ⇒ Empowered Strike (But Better!)

  • Descrip­tion now reads Charge Time Medium. The next strike with this weapon deals 200% Guard Damage and 7 Health Damage, bypassing defenses.“
  • Now has a shorter cooldown, only strikes once.
  • Bonus Health damage bypasses Guard.
  • First Upgrade reduces Charge time to Short” and guard Damage to 300%.
  • Second Upgrade increases Damage to 15. (Allowing it to one-shot Husks.)
  • Final upgrade still applies Soul Burn on hit.

Expanded OpenVR Platform Support

  • Unsup­ported headsets can now play the game without any workarounds. This is a stopgap before we release our more official OpenVR support in 0.2. So, while most headsets are now playable, we still have some stuff to smooth out.
  • Index headset and Knuckles controllers are mapped to Vive settings.
  • Windows Mixed Reality config­u­ra­tion.
  • Fallback to Vive when no config­u­ra­tion exists for the found headset.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated the wording on Soul Burn to give more infor­ma­tion.
  • Soul Burn: Fixed a bug with Soul Burn levels 3 & 4 that prevented them from lasting their full duration. (14 seconds)