Patch Notes: 0.1.2

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Hello, Rune Knights!

As we're working on our next major update (0.2.0) we wanted to get a small update out that should fix some of the issues we've been seeing most often. This update also unblocks non-supported headsets from playing entirely, meaning if you play on the Index or WMR you can now play the game. Note that this is a stop-gap fix! We're still improving our support for the Index and Knuckles in the 0.2.0 update.

Let us know what you think of the changes in our Discord!

Release 0.1.2

Increased Movement Speed

  • Forward Speed 1.3 -> 1.8 (38% Increase)
  • Strafe Speed 1.04 -> 1.26 (21% Increase)
  • Backpedal Speed 0.78 -> 0.9 (15% Increase)

Super Update: Empowered Strikes (Now: Empowered Strike, but better!)

  • Charge Time Medium
  • “The next strike with this weapon deals 200% Guard Damage and 7 Health Damage, bypassing defenses. “
  • Now has a shorter cooldown, only strikes once.
  • Bonus Health damage bypasses Guard.
  • First Upgrade reduces Charge time to “Short” and guard Damage to 300%.
  • Second Upgrade increases Damage to 15. (Allowing it to one-shot Husks.)
  • Final upgrade still applies Soul Burn on hit.

Expanded OpenVR Platform Support

  • Index headset and Knuckles controllers are mapped to Vive settings
  • Windows Mixed Reality configuration
  • Fallback to Vive when no configuration exists for the found headset

Bug Fixes

  • Updated the wording on Soul Burn to give more information.
  • Soul Burn: Fixed a bug with Soul Burn levels 3 & 4 that prevented them from lasting their full duration. (14 seconds.)