VRFocus Publishes Developer Diary Series Around Until You Fall

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Until You Fall was featured in VRFocus's Developer Diaries! This series goes behind the scenes to explore the development process for VR titles. Members from the Until You Fall team shared insights about different parts of the game's creation. Check out the articles at the links below!

The Pillars Of Rokar: Finding the Core Identity of Until You Fall by Dave Bennett, Project Director

"At Schell Games, we tend to work on a lot of different projects, with each one teaching us something new along the way. When beginning a new project, we start in a period of pre-production where we explore different ideas and make high-level decisions about what the experience should look and feel like."

You Can Block If You Want To: Exploring Core Combat Design In Until You Fall by Patrick Jalbert, Design Director

"One of the most common questions we get asked about development in Until You Fall is how we arrived at our choreographed combat system. There’s a huge design space to explore in melee combat—especially in VR. The game’s combat system ended up being somewhat unique because we consciously moved away from more free-form, physics-driven combat."

Rise Of The Neon Hellscape: Establishing The Atmosphere Of Until You Fall by Justin DeVore, Art Director

"At the start of the concept phase of development, when Rokar was at least a year and dozens of iterations away, we had a rough combat system in mind and little else (besides a Blue Sky world of possibilities). What we did know is we wanted a visual style that would stand out from all the other melee games we saw inundating various storefronts."

Challenging the Champions: Engaging the Until You Fall Community by Adam Kuta, Community Marketing Specialist

"Player outreach efforts can often be an overlooked aspect of videogame development, but it’s a crucial part of the process. We started building a community for Until You Fall while we were in the midst of developing the game."