VR Sword Fighting Experience, Until You Fall, Unveils New Update

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Leading virtual reality (VR) game development company, Schell Games, today announced the 0.5.0 update is available for its award-winning, sword-wielding VR battle game Until You Fall®.

The 0.5.0 update includes numerous quality of life improvements as well as greater accessibility options. A final mastered version of the game’s now infamous soundtrack has been implemented within the magical world, with each level’s audio being adjusted for optimal enjoyment. There is now a digital download of the complete soundtrack available for free on Steam. The soundtrack will also be available on popular music streaming services over the next several weeks. Especially useful for newer players, the tutorial has been streamlined and improved and the process for choosing difficulty and buying weapons has been updated. In addition, helpful gameplay tips are displayed on the Death Screen and other key locations, eliminating any confusion and providing a seamless melee experience. To that end, dodging algorithm improvements are also in place, to ensure dodging remains accurate during longer attack sequences. Players will also notice a change in difficulty modes, not only because of balance updates, but also in name. Those hopping in for the first time should give Relaxed mode a try, before moving on to the Challenging and Relentless options. Players fond of the Katars and Spellswords Charm will note that these weapons have received some significant rebalancing.

Notably, this update includes a number of changes making Until You Fall more accessible to a greater number of players. Lefties can rejoice as they’ll now be able to define their dominant hand at the outset of the game, undoubtedly improving attacks. In-game text has also undergone an overhaul, complete with color-coding to make parsing copy easier. Last, but not least, those who are photosensitive can access new comfort settings that disable full-screen flashing.

Until You Fall is a virtual reality (VR) sword fighting arcade-style rouge-lite. This visually stunning game fuses mêlée and magic and empowers the player to become the master of their own martial style. Players will battle corrupted humanoids, monstrous creatures, and unknown horrors. Death is inevitable, though win or lose, players will make progress towards the next level.