Upload VR says Until You Fall is a "pitch-perfect breakdown of the best rougelike games."

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"If every VR game came to a party, Until You Fall would be the one we'd all want to hang out with," is how Jamie Feltham of Upload VR kicks off his review of Until You Fall. "Even one loop around the game's recurring neon dungeon and it's clear; you have to be friends with Until You Fall."

In Feltham's thorough review, he discusses the game world, progression system, and how this rougelike works for VR. He spends a lot of time covering how Until You Fall "really does encourage various playstyles and experimentation to get the most out of its combat relative to your capabilities."

Feltham concludes his review by giving the game a "Great" rating and writes, "Until You Fall is nothing less than a pitch-perfect breakdown of the best rougelike games, reassembled with VR in mind."

You can see the pros and cons list below.

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