‘Until You Fall’ Receives a Positive Review from Android Central

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Nicholas Sutrich of Android Central published a positive review of Until You Fall. Giving the game a solid 4.5 out of 5 star rating, he writes, “Players looking for a strong challenge, combat that can make you feel utterly badass, and addicting game design will absolutely love Until You Fall. It's a game that'll frequently reward players who come back again and again, gaining physical swordplay skills and reaping the rewards of all that work.”

Describing the game as a “neon-drenched fantasy,” Sutrich dives into Until You Fall’s physics-based combat system, game upgrades and progression, and accessibility features.

He also spends time covering the stylized visuals and soundtrack found within the game, stating that, “The pumping synth-wave soundtrack will have you feeling in the groove the entire time and lends an incredibly satisfying feeling to an already visually delicious game.”

The reviewer’s pros and cons list is below.

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