Until You Fall Earned a "Superb" Rating from Destructoid

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In his official review for Destructoid, Chris Carter gave Until You Fall a 9/10 "Superb" rating. While the review covers the game's mechanics, progression system, and atmosphere, it also pays special attention to the growth of virtual reality as a medium and how Schell Games goes above and beyond. Carter writes:

"Pretty much everything I could think of, developer Schell Games put in. 'What if I don't want to block or attack with both weapons?' Well, early on you can buy a gauntlet that doesn't allow blocking with whatever hand you equip it in but provides other bonuses like extra health. 'What if I want to swap what weapon is in what hand?' You can do that from the hub between runs. 'What if I get super tired and need to take a break?' Saving and quitting will return you back to the same level mid-run. Nearly every quality-of-life upgrade is present in Until You Fall, which just goes to show you how far VR studios have come since the infancy of the medium."

Carter wraps up his glowing review with the following thoughts:

"I had no idea what to expect jumping into Until You Fall, but I ended up getting a nice series of workouts on top of a pretty thrilling VR combat simulator. If you're looking for the next thing to buy with your shiny new VR device, this is it."

Until You Fall is available on the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift, PSVR, and Steam.