Patch Notes 1.3

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Greetings, Champions!

A Kneon Future shines bright before you. Put both of your hands together, because the Version 1.3 update is finally in sight. It is time to rise again, Rune Knights!

We are proud to announce that brand new content is coming to Until You Fall on March 17, 2022!

At this time, the update is planned to bring content and quality of life improvements to Meta Quest, Meta Rift, VIVEPORT, and Steam platforms.

But what does this new update entail? Let’s unravel all of the new content that approaches so that you can prepare yourselves.

The Power Is In Your Hands

Since the early days of Rokar, we’ve dreamed of wielding the awesome power of runes with the might of two hands. Finally, that day is in sight.

Three new weapons will be added to the game:

- Cold Iron Greataxe, a two-handed axe that grows stronger as its wielder takes damage from their enemies. This weapon comes equipped with the Vicious Strike Super, allowing Rune Knights to sacrifice their own health for a devastating attack that ignores an enemy’s guard..

- Captain’s Warhammer, a two-handed giant hammer commonly used by Rokari Captains and Honor Guards. This heavy-hitter is imbued with the Bulwark Super, further accenting its prowess in defense and bursts of deliberate, methodical punishment.

- Fate’s End, an epic greatsword of legendary power, scale, and weight; a fantastical finale of weaponry; an Unravel buster, if you will. This weapon’s Titan’s Strength Super allows a Rune Knight to wield all two-handed weapons in a single hand, as though they were being held in two hands, for a limited duration.

    Like the original 12 single-handed weapons, these weapons will be unlocked as you progress through the Shattered Woods. However, players who have previously completed a run on their save file will be able to forge them right away.

    Alongside new weapons, we’ve also added seven brand new Achievements to earn. I won’t reveal all of the secrets just yet (we have to have some surprises!), but look forward to proving your sword skills with these new feats and challenges!

    Make Your Stand, Champion!

    Your feedback and suggestions are always very much appreciated. And, we want to let you know that we’ve heard your requests and concerns. As such, a few quality of life improvements have been included in the Version 1.3 update.

    The UI, game text, and newly implemented subtitles will now be localized for nine different languages.

    - Chinese Traditional

    - Chinese Simplified

    - English

    - French

    - German

    - Italian

    - Japanese

    - Korean

    - Spanish

    Rune Knights will now be able to adjust Smooth Turning options.

    Options to toggle between snap turning and smooth turning, as well as a slider to control your smooth turn speed, have been implemented in Version 1.3.

    We know Rokar’s OST is top-tier. But, we hear you, Champions.

    The default master volume has been scaled down from 100% to 70% for new game save slots. And yes, volume settings applied from the most recent save slot will now apply to the title menu and startup flow.

    Lastly, we know the Aether Horror has been causing some black screen issues for some Champions when they start up the game. We’ve managed to provide a workaround for most cases of this with our black-screen-fix beta. We’ve added our workaround to the issue into Version 1.3, so the beta should be no more.

    However, we’ve also come up with an alternative workaround, should the issue rise again. We’ll have more step-by-step instructions to share when the update launches - so stay tuned!

    A Runesmith’s Recall

    Another bug we wanted to call specific attention to was our adjustment of the Knight-Blooded Crest’s main hand bonus.

    In versions prior to Version 1.3, the Knight-Blooded Crest’s description listed a +30% Guard Damage bonus to the main hand weapon when equipped in the Rune Knight’s off-hand. However, this was actually incorrect. The actual applied bonus was +130% damage instead.

    This explains why it was so favored for Champions speedrunning the game…

    We decided to compromise on fixing this issue. Instead of a drastic nerf, both the text description and the actual damage bonus provided have been adjusted to +50%.

    We’re excited to see what new weapon combinations and fighting styles will rise to the top of new speedruns with this adjustment, as we feel this levels the playing field and makes all combinations a bit more viable.

    Unravel the Specifics

    Along with the changes listed above, a few bug fixes are being implemented in Version 1.3.

    - Fix for various achievement notifications not triggering if passing through main gateway into hub area before all notifications display

    - Fix for supers tutorial with weapons already summoned breaking the normal tutorial prompt flow

    - Fix to show all relevant buttons on pause menu tutorial card image across platforms

    - Fix to match Heartseeker damage adjustment amount to text description: “Finishing a Combo with this Weapon deals +10 Health Damage” instead of +5 Health Damage

    - Reworded text of Unyielding trait for clarity: “You can now Block Attacks that normally must be Dodged” to “Attacks that normally must be Dodged must now be Blocked instead”

    - Updated Soul Burn I description as “Hurl a bolt of Soulflame with the next Swing of this Weapon, dealing 2 Health Damage on Impact & 14 Health Damage over 7 Seconds” to better inform damage applied by Enkindled trait

    - Updated Juggernaut trait text to match in-game effect: Now reads: “-25% Dash Recovery Speed, +50% Dash Impact”

    - Fix for issue where ‘Call of Oblivion’ would only increase Guard Damage when at 0 Health rather than both Guard Damage and Health Damage

    - Fix for issue where armament says ‘Already Equipped’ rather than ‘Sockets Full’ when trying to add a trait to a fully socketed armament

    - Fix for issue where gems would often either disappear or fly off in an unexpected direction when quickly grabbed and released

    - Fix for issue where Cost/Current Aether display had a black background instead of displaying a gradient matching the color of the surrounding UI box

    - Fix for issue where “Can Not Afford” text when purchasing or upgrading an armament would not appear if affordable armament was selected beforehand

    - Fixed crash when exiting credits quickly after entering credits scene

    - Dash reticle now remains stationary when Meta universal menu is opened

    - Fixed issue where level I Stasis Strike (20 guard damage) was applied to all levels instead of 50 damage for level II, 75 damage for level III, 100 damage for level IV

    - Fixed Sucker Punch's description which incorrectly read as "300% Guard Damage" to "+300% Guard Damage"

    - Fixed issue where Flame-Starved trait only increases +50% Guard Damage when striking an enemy under the effects of Soul Burn (instead of both +50% Guard and Health Damage)