Jesse Schell Speaks with Only Single Player at PAX West

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Schell Games, the developing company behind Until You Fall, showcased the game for its public play debut at the 2019 PAX West convention in Seattle. While demoing the game at PAX, CEO Jesse Schell was interviewed by Only Single Player. Jesse discussed the background behind Until You Fall as well as how Schell Games developers designed weapons in VR to feel tangible without causing motion sickness.

Here’s an excerpt of Jesse speaking about the inspiration behind Until You Fall:

“One of the things that we feel about virtual reality in general that manipulating things with your hands feel really powerful. Sword fighting is such a common fantasy we see in so many games, medieval combat is just something that people love. We saw that it hadn’t been executed well in VR so we thought that this would be a great opportunity to dive in and be able to make something that really lets you live out the sword fighting fantasy.”

Until You Fall is currently available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for Early Access on Steam. The developers are updating players on patch and game updates through their 2019 Roadmap. For release 0.2, the Rift S and Valve Index will receive support.

Jesse also spoke on releasing PlayStation VR and Oculus Quest support in the interview:

“The approach we’ve taken for Until You Fall is basically, let’s get it out on PC first, on Vive and Rift, and let’s see if we can make that work. If it’s working, then let’s take resources to bring it to other platforms. For I Expect You to Die, we did exactly that. It started on Vive and Rift. It came to PlayStation VR and Quest. We want to have the same path here. If we’re getting good traction with Until You Fall, we very much want to bring it to other platforms. So we’re figuring that timeline out as we speak.

Part of that is going to be what is the audience excited about? Even though it’s a simple question, which one should we go to first? Should we go to Quest first? Or go to PlayStation VR first? My hope is to have both of those platforms added in 2020 but we don’t really have a date set yet.”